Ugh again I love Argent! He let Boyd and Erica go. He does what’s right in the end.

I need teen wolf friends. :(

Any Derek communities I can connect with?

I’ll take drinking enough to be sleepy and in a dream state over punching walls and wanting to hurt myself.

In the end it’s still depression……

"Why didn’t you tell me?" - Derek
“Because you might be an Alpha, you’re not mine.” -Scott

Oh my geeezzz this makes me so mad. I get its all to fit into Scott being a true Alpha but Scott’s a idiot. Derek never once betrayed him, in fact he’s always wanted to protect him.

When I think of Scott, I think conceeded, rude, self-centered, ungrateful.

But even with Scott and Allison being awful, them together is pretty special.

okay so s2 finale Boyd and Erica escape and they don’t go back to Derek???? . In the werewolf world that seems unbelievable. Then they get captured. Teen Wolf world it’s all about bringing Derek down.

Aug 23rd
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So per usual Scott doesn’t trust Derek enough to tell him what’s going on. Not that Derek trusts Scott but it’s not because of his lack of faith in Scott, it’s always been to protect him.

Of course Issac went to the game… He wants to help but again why not tell Derek??? I wouldn’t say that’s trusting or accepting Scott over Derek.

Allison + Gerald is over the top. Unbelievable even with Allison’s grief and anger over her dead mother. How can everyone overlook Allison’s part in Stiles kidnapping and beating by Gerald?

Chris Argent is incredible though. Legit love him. He always had a code and moral to him beyond the rest.


Don’t talk about angels or how I’ll be saved. I’m no coward but I’m not that brave. Rags are blowing. Rain’s getting near..I’m done with running..And it’s getting dark in here.

Almost done rewatching season 2 of Teen Wolf and ugh I can’t stand Scott, he is beyond stupid.

If you don’t watch, TW is as frustrating as THG. So many plotholes, a holier than thou character, underused characters, TOO many characters. I love the show but it’s difficult to watch at times too.

What about Derek’s pack? It’s still early and it’s after the full moon so they should still trust Derek and be in control. They were just MIA just because? Or because they were already planning on running away. It was so quick, they just hear howling in the woods and leave. So dumb, just shitty writing to make the story work.

Seriously Boyd and Erica left because of what? They went through one full moon and were done with Derek? Makes no sense. I hate how that all plays out and how Issac is drawn to Scott. They didn’t write Scott as charismatic as they think they did. Or gave enough reasoning for Issac to not trust Derek and side with Scott.

Also!!! Cannot understand how Issac is such a badass at first than turns into a snarky sensitive werewolf.

Scott trusted Gerald over Derek?? That’s just flat out ridiculous. Not too mention it’s season 4 and we still no very little about the Hale family.

I really have much more to complain about, pretty much every episode, but I feel that would be a novel long post.

I like Derek, I like Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of Derek and I just want more Derek all the time. He gets the shaft everytime.

Anyone I’m on 2x11 now and I just want to read GOOD Derek fan fiction that isn’t sterek and doesn’t ready like an IM convo.

Chris Evans’ mom said his character in The Losers (Jake Jensen) is the most like Chris in real life.


anything else is unthinkable.

Chicago. Blackhawks. Hockey. The Hunger Games. LIAM HEMSWORTH. Jem/Jiam <3. Teen Wolf. Arrow. Lots of tv. Lots of movies.

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